The Franklin caravan burst on to the scene in the '50s in Ballarat, Victoria, complete with vinyl floors, laminex tables and venetian blinds in a green and mustard colour scheme.  Franklins were regularly seen on the highways of Australia, towed behind the family wagon but as the children grew and the holidays were no more,  our Frank was forgotten................until now!

Parked in an Aussie backyard for over 20 years his street appeal withered and getting back on the road seemed a distant memory ......but we saw his potential and so the fun began....Frank has been waiting all these years to become FRANK1964.  The most beautiful caravan bar you have ever seen and we're waiting to make your special day, well, "special"!


Frank found his new place home in the Yarra Valley (Victoria), surrounded by over 80 sensational cellar doors, superb restaurants serving fresh regional produce, luxury accommodation and iconic scenery.


It was then time to renovate so he would fit right in with our family, whilst still maintaining his charm and integrity . 

And that brings us to today.... with old charm and new ideas Frank has adapted and is ready to roll.....its been a  while since the only phone was in the hallway and you got the kids to get up to change the channel on the tv, but Frank now has 2019 views on sustainability, being conscious of the environment and eco values.  Now complete with La Marzocco coffee machine, timeless timber benchtops and custom windows,  Frank is in a league of his own offering you his bar and barista services.


Weddings, parties, corporate events , anything......Frank's always ready to roll in and make it a night to remember!

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